30 Day Supply | Size: 30 Capsules


  • Manage muscle pain and weakness
  • Boost energy
  • Help restore bone strength
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Dhs. 191.00
Dhs. 191.00 30 Day Supply | Size: 30 Capsules
30 Day Supply | Size: 30 Capsules

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30 Day Supply | Size: 30 Capsules
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Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 Capsule
Servings per container: 30
Amount Per Serving  
GG Gold®30 Annatto Extract
(30% Geranylgeraniol, 150mg)
500 mg*

Other ingredients: Modified Cornstarch, Capsule (Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Water).

If you are pregnant, lactating or taking any medications, please consult your health practitioner before starting new supplements.


What is GG?

Geranylgeraniol (GG) is a substance that is made in the human body via a biochemical pathway called the mevalonate pathway. This is the same biochemical pathway that makes cholesterol, CoQ10, dolichol and Heme A.

How is GG made?

GG is extracted from the Annatto plant (Bixa Orellana) using a clean (no solvents) extraction process.

How long will it take to feel the benefits of GG?

Difficult to say as it is a new product and most of the studies have been laboratory-based but it would be reasonable to expect to feel differences within three months.

Are there any side effects from taking GG?

There are no known side effects published in the literature.

Is it safe to take GG with my statin?

This was the main factor in developing this product. It should not affect the ability of your statin to lower cholesterol. However, you should always consult your doctor prior, if you are taking any medications.

Is it safe to take with other prescription medications, such as blood thinners?

While there is no evidence to suggest and adverse interactions with medications, you should consult your doctor prior to starting any new supplement, especially if you take blood thinners.

Should I continue taking CoQ10/is it safe to take GG with CoQ10?

We also recommend if customers wish to add our Omega 3 / QH Ultra to GG PURE.

What are the main benefits of GG?

GG is involved in numerous cellular functions, most notably is involved in muscle cell formation, muscle cell health and muscle cell structure. GG is also a building block of CoQ10. The main benefits are that it may assist with statin-induced muscle pain and/or weakness. Other benefits include supporting healthy testosterone levels and supporting healthy Vitamin K2 and Calcium deposition into bones and teeth.

What's Geranylgeranylpyrophosphate?

Geranylgeraniol (GG) is available in supplement form. When taken orally, this is converted to the active form in the body, which is called geranylgeranylpyrophosphate (GGPP).

Will GG help with cholesterol?

GG will not help with your cholesterol as it is downstream in the biochemical (mevalonate) pathway.

Can I take GG if I have a diagnosed heart condition?

Our view is a resounding yes. BUT, when you have any condition you should get your Doctors OK before commencing on any supplement regimen.

Can I take GG if I have stents?

There is no evidence to suggest taking GG would cause a problem for someone with stents. However, you should consult your doctor prior to starting GG.

Are these vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free?

Yes GG is derived from the Annatto plant. The capsule is derived from plant cellulose. 

Is it safe to take GG while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before taking GG.

Is it safe to take GG while breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before taking GG.

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