1. A Sad But True Story
  2. 3 Issues Why Your Food Isn’t Providing Needed Nutrients
  3. Coronavirus: Can it be contained by lockdowns?
  4. The Importance of Water and Cellular Health
  5. The role of government & health, is it changing?
  6. Why boosting the Immune System is up to us.
  7. More about Statin drugs
  8. Are sore joints a sign of something more?
  9. Why I refused a Statin drug pt. 3
  10. Why I refused a Statin drug pt. 2
  11. Why I refused a Statin drug pt. 1
  12. Negative health effects of beauty & fashion trends
  13. Omega 3 fish oil - Do EPA & DHA levels matter?
  14. Xtend-Life virtual factory tour
  15. Vascular calcification - A Letter from Mel
  16. How do I choose a supplement
  17. Personal Freedom under attack
  18. How does fear impact health? The unintended consequences of extreme precautions
  19. Health tips I learned from 1 old dog’s experience
  20. Is REMDESIVIR the Secret cure for “the Virus”? beyond health tips
  21. Silent Inflammation and a Test to Measure It
  22. Circulation is critical to cardiovascular health
  23. Hardening of the Arteries
  24. Immunity and the COVID-19 Coronavirus
  25. Calcification in the Cardiovascular System
  26. Five Causes of Heart Disease
  27. How to Boost Your Immune System for Free
  28. Some Reflections - Coronavirus COVID-19
  29. Diabetes, Heart Disease and COVID-19
  30. Some Facts About the COVID-19 Coronavirus
  31. Heart Attack Prevention: How a Pulse Wave Velocity Check May Help Prevent a Cardiac Event?
  32. Why you should get a CAC scan to know your risk for a heart attack or stroke?
  33. Is it possible to avoid a cardiac event such as a heart attack or stroke?
  34. What are the chances of you dying from a heart attack or stroke?
  35. In Introduction to Beyond Health Tips with Warren Matthews

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Warren developed the site to provide like-minded people (who don't have the time to do the research) with knowledge around wellness, better health & longevity.

His agenda is simple: to encourage scientific research into the benefits of pure, natural products along with sensible diet and lifestyle.

At 73 years of age, he's a living example of how we'd all like to experience the aging process.

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