Helps reverse cell damage and defy the signs of aging

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The most premium forms of every ingredient

Women's Specialty Nutrients

Supports PMS and menopause management

Men's Specialty Nutrients

Promotes healthy testosterone levels and prostate

Total Balance - The Complete Nutrient System

Total Balance Overview

  Total Balance Women's Total Balance Women's Premium Total Balance Men's

Total Balance Men's 


Ingredients 77 98 76 98
Hormonal Support
Prostate Support    
Age-defying Enhanced Enhanced
Anti-oxidants Enhanced Enhanced
Eye Health Enhanced Enhanced
Enzyme Blend Enhanced Enhanced
Immunity Blend Enhanced Enhanced
Amino Acids Enhanced Enhanced
Enteric Coating
Tablets a Day 4 7 4 7
Price (30 day supply) $52.00 $102.00 $52.00 $102.00

Total Balance

Personal responsibility

There has never been a time in history in which there has been a greater need for us to take personal responsibility for our own health. adopting a healthy lifesytel, fortifying our health against diseases is our own responsibility towards our selfs, we need to keep our immunity and resiliance against disease high to decrease our chances of falling really ill, due to own health neglagence.

Awareness of underlying health conditions

COVID-19 has illustrated how important our general health is. Of the people who became seriously ill or died from the virus, 95% of them had one or more underlying conditions which in turn weakened their immune systems.

A complete nutrient system in one bottle

Xtend-Life recognized the importance of foundational / general health 20 years ago. We are a global leader in developing products to help support that need by providing a complete nutrient system to support all the organs and systems in our bodies. This is critical as all our systems and organs are interdependent.

Address nutrient deficiencies and imbalances

It is virtually impossible in today's modern world to provide every one of your organs and systems with all the nutrients that they need without professional supplementation. This is due to degradation of our food supply, an abundance of packaged and processed foods, environmental pollutants and the general stress of modern living. However, if our bodies are provided with the nutrients they need they can be a miraculous healing machine.

What goes into our Total Balance Range

The Total Balance family of products was developed in New Zealand using a team of international scientists, bio-chemists and research physicians 20 years ago and has been continually refined since then in line with technology and science. It has a number of unique benefits for the tens of thousands of customers who rely on it for their general health.


Specialized Delivery System

All Total Balance products are enteric coated with a natural vegetable compound which protects the sensitive ingredients such as SAMe from being damaged by stomach acid. The ingredients are only released when they reach the upper intestine.

Unique Enzyme Action

As part of the enhanced delivery system, Xtend-Life was one of the first manufacturers in the world to add specialized enzymes into a multi-nutrient product, this being our Total Balance formulas. These enzymes further enhance the bio-availability of the nutrients. This system is only workable with specific enzymes and with the enteric coated delivery system.

Synergy of Ingredients

Total Balance was developed by examining each ingredient at the molecular level to ensure not only the compatibility of the ingredients with each other but also to enhance their efficacy. It is possible to make 1 + 1 = 3 and conversely the wrong ingredient mix can create a 1 + 1 = 0.

Potency of Ingredients

It is not widely known that ingredients of the same name can vary enormously in efficacy depending upon where they are sourced and the price paid. This is why all Total Balance products are made in our own state of the art facility where we do extensive testing. This level of control and diligence would not be possible if we did not control the entire supply chain.

Just for Women

Although there is a good deal of commonality with many of the general health / anti-aging ingredients there are special needs related to women. These generally relate to hormonal changes during the lead up to menopause and beyond. The Women's version addresses those needs and avoids the need for an additional supplement.

Just for Men

In the Men’s versions of Total Balance the importance of prostate health and testosterone levels are factored into the formulas. This helps support the body to avoid the need for frequent nighttime urination. Natural estrogen inhibitors such as Chrysin are also included to help prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen which frequently accounts for the loss of testosterone in maturing men.

What can I expect if I start taking Total Balance?

Our Total Balance products are packed full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs & age-defying antioxidants – all with strong clinical benefits supporting their efficacy.
But the science is one thing, what we’re most proud of is the consistent positive feedback from our customers. Full reviews are on our product pages,
but here are some of the most common benefits people see:

Improved sense of
well being

Greater energy

Better sleep

Less susceptibility to
colds and flu

Clearer and younger looking skin

Less night time visits
to the bathroom

Reduction in negative menopausal symptoms

Improvements in hair,
skin and nails

What Customer's Say

Total Balance Men's Premium

I trust Xtend-Life's Total Balance Vitamins
I am 52 years of age and have been taking this product for several years. I have always been health-conscious and did not want to waste money on vitamins that did not get into my system properly and with the proper effects. Xtend-Life has done extensive research into what vitamins... I have found no other company in the world follows stricter manufacturing guidelines.

Aaron, USA

Total Balance Women's Premium

To Feel Your Best
I have been taking this Total Balance Women's for several years now. I found it searching on the web looking for the most complete vitamin without taking a handful of pills throughout the day. This one checked all the boxes! As a post-menopausal woman who had occasional hot flashes, I knew that moving into the next chapter of my life required making a few better choices for my aging body. This vitamin makes me feel better.

Bunny, USA

Total Balance Unisex Premium

Life Changing
I have been taking Total Balance Unisex Premium for a number of years now, and this supplement is an important part of my health regime. I'm 66 years of age and work full time, and I'm in such good health. I also have a very strong immunity. Many of my work colleagues will catch the flu, and I don't seem to catch anything. I still need to work on my diet, but this supplement has certainly helped me stay healthy.

Barbara, USA

Total Balance - The Complete Nutrient System

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