Helps reverse cell damage and defy the signs of aging

High DHA Content

Get an amazing 700mg of DHA per serving


Contains natural triglycerides that are easy for your body to absorb

Support Heart and Brain

Maintain healthy brain and heart function

Unique Omega 3 Fish Oil

Xtend-Life Omega 3 fish oils are unlike any other product on the world market. It is the only one that offers the benefits of natural non concentrated fish oil from New Zealand Hoki fish, blended with highly concentrated tuna oil, all from sustainable sources.

Omega 3

Why you need them

The Omega 3 fatty acids known as DHA and EPA have been proven to control inflammation, maintain healthy blood pressure, increase mental clarity, support brain health, and regulate cholesterol levels.

Getting them isn't easy

It is difficult to get consistent amounts of the fatty acids our bodies need with typical diet alone. Health-savvy people rely on fish oil supplements, but the processes used to make almost every fish oil on the market make it difficult for your body to break down and absorb. And if your body isn't absorbing the Omega 3's, it's as if you never took them.

It takes a special blend

The new technology behind Xtend-Life's production of fish oil avoids many of the problems with traditional fish oils. We also have a unique blend of unconcentrated New Zealand Hoki fish oil and highly concentrated Tuna oil which delivers a high concentration of Omega 3's AND the full spectrum of the natural fish oil. For more information, see our Buyer's Guide.

Get the best of both worlds

Our fish oil formulas are higher in DHA than EPA - the opposite of most other products on the market. We do this because DHA is the most important Omega 3 for the brain and your body can more readily turn excess DHA into EPA if it’s needed. It is more expensive to have a higher DHA content... but more effective. Our range of Omega 3 fish oils cover the basic oil and enhanced versions.

What goes into our Omega 3 Range


Omega 3s - For General Health

Omega 3s are essential fatty acids that support brain, heart and joint health. Our unique blend of natural New Zealand Hoki and concentrated tuna oil provides the benefits of both a full spectrum fish oil and a high level of Omega 3. Its freshness is verified by third-party laboratories, but you'll also know it by the absence of any "fishy" burps.

Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural process that occurs in the body and is something we all need to survive. However, poor lifestyle choices and anti-inflammatory drugs may negatively impact the body's ability to manage inflammation effectively (also known as immunomodulation). Fish oil helps support the body's ability to manage inflammation and return inflammation to a healthy balanced state (also known as homeostasis).

Potency of Ingredients

All of our Omega 3 products start with Hoki fish oil from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, off the coast of New Zealand. This is blended with a highly concentrated tuna oil to create a uniquely beneficial blend of a full spectrum fish oil combined with a high level of DHA.


Our Omega 3 / DHA Plus and QH Ultra Fish Oil formula contains Lycopene, from tomatoes, which has been shown to increase skin thickness and decrease roughness.


Our Omega 3 / DHA Plus and QH Ultra Fish Oil formula contains Astaxanthin, derived from algae, supports eye and skin health, among other benefits.

CoQ10 for heart health

Our Omega 3 / QH Ultra Fish Oil formula contains bio-available ubiquinol - the right form of CoQ10 your body needs - to help support healthy heart function and boosts your energy levels.

The Science

Knowledge of Omega 3s has been around for a while, but we're constantly finding new ways they benefit our bodies. Below is a selection of some over the past year.

ingerdient Omega 3s can potentially slow the effects of aging By lowering overall inflammation and cortisol levels during stress and boosting repair mechanisms during recovery, omega-3 may slow accelerated aging and reduce depression risk.
 ingerdient Omega 3s linked to longer lifespans A meta-study of 42,000 people shows "risk for death from all causes was significantly lower" for those with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acid levels in their blood.
 ingerdient Omega 3s might help with heart rate recovery A study of 13,912 patients shows benefits across age groups, with extra benefits for women.
 ingerdient A cognitive benefit for 4-25-year-olds who take at Omega 3 daily A review of scientific papers shows Omega 3 has benefits for younger people too.
 ingerdient Omega 3 may help ease the pain of osteoarthritis when taken daily Fish oil "significantly reduced pain" in a 16-week trial.
 ingerdient Why you should be taking Omega 3 for healthy aging A report shows evidence of benefits in cognitive health, age- and disease-related decline in muscle mass, cancer treatment, surgical patients and critical illness.

What Customer's Say

Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil

Purest and Highest Concentration
We did our research to find a pure and safe form of Omega 3 and the best concentration and balance of Omega 3 types. This is by far the best we have found so far in our search. And another frequent problem with Omega 3 supplements: I rarely get reflux or a bad taste from this Omega 3 supplement. I would highly recommend it.

Kylie-Anne, Australia

Omega 3 / DHA Plus

Excellent Quality Fish Oil
Fish oil is beneficial for numerous conditions, but it's difficult to find high-quality formulations. Since I've been using Xtend-Life products successfully for a few years, I trust that their fish oil is the best I can buy but will give me the maximum benefit.

Thank you Xtend-Life

Jennifer, USA

Omega 3 / QH Ultra

We Love This Product!
My wife and I have been using the QH Ultra since 2003, and we love it. I feel I can notice the benefits to all my body systems and my skin. We have done a bit of research and understand how important DHA, EPA and CoQ10 are, especially as we start to get older. We are 70 now and would not be without it. The capsules are easy to take and digest, with no reflux like you can get with others.

Peter, New Zealand

More Information

It is impossible to convey all the uniqueness of this family of products on one page. To learn more about how special it is visit the product pages which contain more detail on the product, individual ingredients, frequently asked questions and, of course, product reviews from our customers.


Unique Omega 3 Fish Oil

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