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New Year, New Ingredients - Total Balance

As their name suggests, our Total Balance range of supplements is designed to provide total support across all the systems and organs in our body at a cellular level.

This approach stems from our belief that trying to achieve good health by addressing the symptoms of bad health is like "putting a band-aid on an elephant" - it's just not going to work. Instead, you need to go to the root cause of ill health and aging by addressing health at a foundational level.

Our products recognize that all our systems and organs are interdependent, which is why we have developed and refined Total Balance over 20 years to help align the myriad of processes happening in your body.

It does this by delivering vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs & age-defying antioxidants – all with strong clinical benefits supporting their efficacy – to the systems in your body that need it most, including cardio, immunity, brain and joint, metabolic health, digestive health and general health.

The recent release of our ninth generation of Total Balance Men's Premium and Total Balance Women's Premium makes it our most potent and effective versions yet. These enhancements have been made to the general health / anti-aging ingredients (found in both the men's and women's premium version) and also in the gender-specific blends.

Although there is a lot of commonality with many of the general health / anti-aging ingredients, there are specific differences when it comes to the needs of men and women.

What's in it just for him?

Male health blend - Total Balance Men's Premium

The male health blend in Total Balance Men's Premium reflects the importance of prostate health and testosterone levels. This helps support the body to avoid the need for frequent nighttime urination. Natural estrogen inhibitors such as Chrysin are also included to help prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen which frequently accounts for the loss of testosterone in maturing men.

Ingredient Primary Benefit Secondary Benefit
Lycopene (from tomato) Prostate Health Cardiovascular Health - helps lower blood pressure
Zinc Acetate Dihydrate Prostate Health
Beta-Sitosterol (from soybean) Prostate Health
Cistanche Tubulosa Stem Extract Improves testoterone levels
Tribulus Fruit Extract Supports testoterone levels
Tribulus Leaf & Stem Extract Supports testoterone levels
Chrysin (from Oroxylum Bark) Supports testoterone levels
Stinging Nettle Root Extract Prostate Health
Shilajit Extract Supports testosterone levels Brain health (cognitive benefits)
Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract Prostate Health

What's in it just for her?

Women's Health Blend

The female health blend in Total Balance Women's Premium is designed to provide hormonal support and balance for women. These generally relate to hormonal changes during the lead up to menopause and beyond. The women's version addresses those needs and avoids the need for an additional supplement.

Ingredient Primary Benefit Secondary Benefit
Chasteberry Fruit Extract Hormonal support - helps symptoms of menopause and PMS
Damiana Leaf Extract Libido Support
Dong Quai Root Extract Hormonal support - helps symptoms of menopause and PMS
Feverfew Leaf Extract Hormonal Support - may relieve headaches associated with PMS
Sarsaparilla Root Extract Libido Support

What's in it just for you?

Maintaining good health is an ongoing journey. It comes down to good diet, regular exercise, and a quality supplement plan. By taking the right amount of minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients, you can improve your cellular function and give your body the essential nutrients it’s missing.

Total Balance Premium has a combination of ingredients, efficacy and quality that we believe is unmatched anywhere.

Adding this to your new year health resolutions – it might be the difference between ending 2021 feeling one year older, or one year younger. 

Total Balance

Support all your systems and organs in your body at a cellular level.


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