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Dual Action Performance for Skin

Skin-Support is our exclusive collagen supplement for skin nutrition that works to promote smooth, youthful looking skin, aiding with issues such as the appearance of spots, dryness, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It is comprised of two key ingredients. The first is Collactive™, our collagen supplement that is a special form of marine collagen and elastin polypeptides with the same ratios of collagen and elastin found in the dermis. The other ingredient is a very special form of New Zealand grape seed extract.

Users of Skin-Support can expect:

  • Smoother, youthful skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks
  • Faster growing thicker, stronger hair
  • Healthier, stronger nails

Collactive™ Marine Collagen and Elastin Polypeptides

Did you know?
From the age of 25, collagen depletes from our bodies at approximately 1.5% each year. By the time you reach 45, you will have lost 30% of your body’s collagen.

Collactive™ is a clinically-proven, highly purified, non GMO form of collagen and elastin polypeptides that exist in the same ratio as found in the human dermis – a combination of predominantly type 1 collagen (85 to 90%) and type 3 collagen.

These two main constituents of the extracellular matrix work together to reduce wrinkles. In addition to anti-wrinkle benefits, it also stimulates the lifting and toning of skin and increases skin moisture retention. 

  • Human clinical trials on Collactive™ revealed a significant reduction in depth (19%) of wrinkles in 71% of participants
  • Low molecular weight makes it water-soluble and highly bioavailable
  • Wild harvested extract of fish from the far north Atlantic is a pure, sustainable by-product of the fishing industry, using only the skin, not the scales.
  • Natural ingredients are gluten free
  • Collagen peptides have been shown to have the ability to increase hyaluronic acid production in the dermis and improve skin barrier function.
  • Collagen peptides also help induce the synthesis of collagen on the mRNA and protein level as well as the production of stronger collagen fibrils.1

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed ExtractAntioxidants help to fight free radical damage in the dermis and grape seed extract is one of nature’s best anti-aging antioxidants, and the perfect partner to collagen supplementation. Grape seed extract is especially beneficial because they are such a good source of oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs). OPCs are a type of flavonoid that binds with free oxygen radicals in the human system. They have been shown to have 50 times more antioxidant power than even the well-known abilities of vitamin E.2

The grape seed extract used in Skin-Support is made from the seeds of grapes harvested in New Zealand. These grapes have been shown in laboratory analysis to be higher in antioxidant potency than grapes from other parts of the world. This is due to their adapting to the higher radiation from the sun due to the ozone hole over the southern part of New Zealand. Added to this the extract is achieved by using a water extraction system that unlike other extraction methods keep all the natural active properties of the grape seed intact. 

How do wrinkles form?

As we get older, the matrix of collagen and elastin in the dermis is damaged by free radicals. As a result of this the matrix shrinks which results in the skin folding…thus creating wrinkles and a need for collagen support. To avoid this happening you must supplement the collagen and elastin matrix by ‘topping up’ these components, PLUS provide potent antioxidants to reduce the damage from free radicals. This is why we have added a potent antioxidant in the form of grape seed extract in addition to the collagen and elastin complex.How do wrinkles form

What are elastin polypeptides?

Elastin is one of the most important proteins found in connective tissues and is an important part of the collagen and elastin matrix that makes up the dermis. It has a unique molecular structure and contains many hydrophobic amino acids such as glycine, alanine, proline, and valine. Unlike collagen, elastin plays a role of a flexible component in tissues and helps to give the skin suppleness.

How does collagen help hair health?

Our Skin Support collagen supplement not only supports youthful skin, but it also promotes healthier, thicker hair. Collagen supplements for hair are particularly helpful for those experiencing hair loss as it helps to strengthen the hair, preventing breakage and reducing brittleness of the hair.

Not all collagen supplements are the same!

A large percentage of collagen supplements on the market are simple collagen derived from pigs and cows, sometimes sourced from questionable areas. These collagen supplements give no direct benefits as the molecular size is too great for the body to effectively assimilate.3 In addition they are not hydrolyzed which is essential if they are to provide any benefits. Always ensure that your collagen is hydrolyzed and, also is of fish origin which is more effective than the bovine or porcine options.

Even among fish collagen supplements, there are variances. It is desirable that the collagen is extracted from the skin, NOT the scales as extracts from the scales require the use of chemicals to break them down. Most low price fish collagen supplements have been extracted from the scales of fish skin.

Enhance results even further with the following skin protocols

  • Option 1: Skin-Support + Omega 3 / DHA Plus + Kiwi-Klenz 
  • Option 2: Skin-Support + Omega 3 / DHA Plus + Kiwi-Klenz + Zupafood for SKIN/ELITE
  • Option 3: Skin-Support + Omega 3 / DHA Plus + Kiwi-Klenz + Zupafood for SKIN/ELITE + Total Balance
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