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Omega 3 / QH Premium

For fish oil users who also want the highest quality bio-available CoQ10 for optimum health support! 

If you're taking cholesterol-lowering drugs – and not taking CoEnzyme Q10 (also known as “CoQ10”) you may be headed for serious health problems. 

Numerous scientific studies from prominent universities now prove popular cholesterol-lowering drugs can significantly lower your precious levels of CoQ10!

Researchers discovered that statins used to block the manufacture of cholesterol by the liver also block the production of vital CoQ10.

So when you take statins, you steadily lower your body's CoQ10 levels! And that can have potentially dangerous consequences, including a heart disaster because CoQ10 is the critical “spark” that keeps your heart beating strong.  CoQ10 helps to: 

  • Boost energy in your cells!
  • Support healthy blood pressure levels!
  • Maintain brain health and function!
  • Cellular support to maintain healthy functioning!
  • Resist the aging process in your body!
  • And so much more!

That's why if you're taking statins, you must take CoQ10 supplements to support your heart and circulatory system as well as to maintain overall health.

Not all CoQ10 are alike. In fact – some are virtually useless – especially if you're over 40. 

It's important that you take the RIGHT form of CoQ10 to experience the health benefits you desire. Most supplement companies use ordinary CoQ10 called Ubiquinone in their formulas. Your body then has to convert the ubiquinone into ubiquinol in order to get the benefits of this nutrient. However...

... as we get older – usually after the age of 40 – our bodies can't make that conversion properly – so many people don't experience the real benefits of CoQ10! And get this...

... even people who can make that conversion require much more ubiquinone than the supplement provides – so they're not getting the real benefits of CoQ10 either! But here's the good news...

Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil formula contains bio-available ubiquinol – the right form of CoQ10 your body needs – to immediately create the energy your cells need for optimum performance!

CoQ10 distribution

Take a look at the key differences between the ubiquinone used in most CoQ10 formulas and the potent Ubiquinol used in Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil formula...

  • Bio-available Ubiquinol – found immediately in every serving of Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil – helps support healthy heart function and boosts your energy levels. Ubiquinone simply can't do this until it's converted to Ubiquinol.
  • Most people over 40 can't properly convert Ubiquinone into the bio-available Ubiquinol for energy. Thanks to Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil – you don't have to! You've got bio-available Ubiquinol ready to go to work for you.
  • Ubiquinol has two more electrons than Ubiquinone – making it a more potent antioxidant! Ubiquinol can then donate the 2 extra electrons to help neutralize free radicals! This is a huge benefit for fighting free radicals.
  • Ubiquinol is 3 – 8 times more effective than ubiquinone. There are cases where doses of Ubiquinol have been given at only 1/8th of the rate of Ubiquinone and yet the blood levels of CoQ10 have doubled. This suggests that in that instance Ubiquinol was up to 16 times as effective.
  • Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil contains the only genuine Ubiquinol produced by Kaneka in Japan. Other manufacturers may use cheaper, less effective forms of Ubiquinol – but you won't get the optimum health benefits with those imposters! Stick with the real, genuine, proven winner – and your body will thank you for it!

So it's actually a “no brainer” – if you're taking cholesterol-lowering drugs or want extra support for your heart’s health and function – the absolute BEST choice for you is Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil formula – containing Kaneka QH® Ubiquinol.

You get heart health – and so much more!

Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil helps support a healthy circulatory system and healthy heart function – and if you're taking cholesterol-lowering drugs – this remarkable formula gives you a little peace of mind – knowing that you're keeping your CoQ10 maintained at healthy levels!

But Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil delivers so much MORE! You also get...

  • Great looking skin: Combining Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene extract with AstaPure® astaxanthin delivers remarkable skin health benefits in every serving! Clinical studies on these powerful antioxidants show benefits in regard to skin redness... scaling... and density.
  • Additional prostate support! Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene extract belongs to a class of carotenoids that have been shown to be effective antioxidants which may help support and maintain prostate health and function.

But even that's not all... Here's why we say Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil is New Zealand's ULTIMATE fish oil formula...

The pristine and uncontaminated waters off the coast of New Zealand hold part of the key to the potency... purity...and perfection you get in our exclusive Xtend-Life Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil! We believe it's the highest quality fish oil available – anywhere! Here's why...

  • Contains New Zealand Hoki fish: Harvested from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand. Thanks to the equatorial currents which prevent many of the contaminants in the Northern hemisphere waters from crossing the equator – these are some the purest waters found in the world.
  • Pure concentrated Tuna oil: Processed for the highest level of purity and concentrated to meet our strict standards! This assures you receive the quality fish oil your body needs.
  • High DHA content: DHA is known as the most valuable component of fish oil. Xtend-Life's Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil now contains our new and improved fish oil formula which contains even more DHA (700mg) in a single serve.
  • Supports the body’s inflammatory management processes: Inflammation is a natural process that occurs in the body and is something we all need to survive. However, poor lifestyle choices and anti-inflammatory drugs may negatively impact the body’s ability to manage inflammation effectively (also known as immunomodulation). Fish oil helps support the body’s ability to manage inflammation and return inflammation to a healthy balanced state (also known as homeostasis).
  • Bio-availability! We use hoki fish oil in the form of natural triglycerides and tuna oil in the form of concentrated esters! This makes Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil highly bio-available – so your body can properly utilize our formula for maximum benefits.
  • Freshness! We never use additives or flavoring to mask rancidity. What's more – you won't experience embarrassing “fish burps” or smells with our fish oil.
  • Eco-friendly! We only use sustainable sources of fish within the ecosystem in order to preserve our precious natural resources!

So now you can...

  • Support your heart - help keep it pumping strong
  • Rev up your CoQ10 levels - even if you're taking cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • Fuel your brain - with critical "brain foods" to maintain brain health and function
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels - to help keep arteries clear
  • Maintain joint health - and lubricate your joints for better mobility support
  • Support healthy blood pressure - and resist "the silent killer"
  • Lift your mood - and stay mentally focused
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels - and boost your energy
  • Support quality sleep- and wake up refreshed and raring to go

Our Omega 3/QH Premium Fish Oil blend is ideal if you want the absolute finest fish oil available with additional heart support and beneficial skin properties! PLUS: If you're taking cholesterol-lowering drugs – this is a must-have formula for you!

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