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Harnessing New Zealand Bee Pollen For Natural Energy

Often described by scientists as a complete food, Bee Pollen is one of nature’s most nourishing foods. It is produced by honeybees from flower pollen mixed with nectar and it has been widely used throughout history all around the world for its antioxidant, nutritional, and health-sustaining properties. It delivers a complex range of nutrients in its most natural form, making it the perfect addition to our energy blend.

Natural Energy uses the proven health boosting components found in Bee Pollen, further enhancing it with a unique synergistic enzyme blend to help release the Bee Pollen’s energy-boosting properties. These added enzymes such as Lipase and Amylase help to support gut health and digestion, assisting your body in getting the nutrients you need from the supplements and foods that you eat.

Native cultures worldwide have used Bee Pollen as part of their daily nutrition, as well as a survival food due to the amount of vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and enzymes found in its small quantities. The Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, pounded bee pollen into cakes that were dried and packed to keep them fueled on long journeys and to supplement their diet.

Benefits of Natural Energy

Our unique Natural Energy is perfectly balanced by Mother Nature to boost your energy, naturally. This powerful natural supplement, not only aids your general health and wellbeing, it may:

  • Naturally suppress ’junk food’ cravings
  • Provide nutritional support
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Improve skin conditions (from within)
  • Provide a mid-afternoon energy boost

Natural Energy can be taken on an empty stomach so it is perfect for taking mid-afternoon, when you need a get-up-and-go boost from nature. Taking it at this time might also help you avoid mid-afternoon cravings for junk food and sugar.

Bee Pollen is also held in high regard and used as a natural remedy for allergies and hay fever support. The theory is that by regularly ingesting small quantities of pollen you familiarize your body with the particles you are sensitive to, building up your body’s own immunity. We would advise trying this natural approach to seasonal allergies with the support of your health practitioner.

Pure Bee Pollen Sourced From One of The Most Pristine Areas of New Zealand

  • Borders one of the largest National Parks in the North West Corner of the South Island of New Zealand
  • No industries or factories
  • Prevailing winds are from the South West
  • Nothing between this area and Antarctica besides the remote Southern Ocean
  • Air so clean that most days you can see for 100 miles

Bee Pollen from New Zealand has long been valued for its pure and clean properties. It is free from air pollution and other contaminants found in so many other commercial brands.

You deserve the best Bee Pollen available and we’re proud to give you exactly that with Natural Energy.

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