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A multi-vitamin and mineral formula that REALLY feeds your cells!

  • 42 bio-available nutrients for cell health and longevity!
  • Contains nutrients in the most bio-available forms for optimum absorption!
  • Economical formula for the entire family!

Remember the good old days when your grandparents could go out on the farm or to a local grocery stand to get fresh, natural foods LOADED with nutrients? They didn’t need vitamins and minerals - their foods were rich in nutrients!

Now fast forward to today: Commercially grown vegetables, fruits, and grains contain significantly lower nutritional content than foods grown just 30 years ago! In fact - we’re breeding the nutrition out of our food! Take a look at this…

  • Proteins in wheat and barley have declined by nearly 50%!
  • Newer crops of corn now contain less protein, oil and amino acids!
  • Most wheat contains 6 fewer minerals than in your grandparents’ day!
  • USDA reports calcium content in broccoli dropped over 65% - from 12.9 mg to 4.4mg!
  • Farmers increase yield of raspberries with phosphorous fertilizer - but that crop can be deficient in minerals by as much as 50%!

Even if you try to eat as healthy as possible - you’re still not going to get all the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Think about this:

  • Mineral deficiencies in the soil - create inferior products lacking essential nutrients!
  • Environmental pollution - contaminates our food sources from seed to harvested product!
  • Modern farming methods - using pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and other harsh chemicals deplete the natural nutrients in foods!
  • Antibiotics and other drugs injected in livestock - means humans are also ingesting these drugs with every bite!
  • Transportation and storage - causes fruits and vegetables to be deprived of natural sunlight… picked too soon... and then artificially ripened while stored in trucks, ships and planes!

So is a multi-vitamin the answer? Yes - and no!

If you think a run-of-the-mill multi-vitamin will give you the nutritional boost you need to enhance your health - think again!

In our nutrition-depleted world - you need a superior multi-vitamin - to deliver the goods - and Multi-Xtra works better than standard multis - available exclusively through Xtend-Life! Here’s why:

  • 42 bio-available nutrients - ready to optimize cell health! Unlike regular, mass-produced multi-vitamins - you get much more than the basic vitamin and mineral mix. With Multi-Xtra - you get the critical co-factors that are necessary for optimum absorption of nutrients! Without these co-factors - such as Piperine to improve bio-availability of nutrients - your body simply can’t absorb the nutrients properly. But don’t worry - it’s all in Multi-Xtra!
  • Naturally sourced nutrients - not synthetic! Many multi-vitamins cut costs by giving you synthetic vitamins that your body can’t utilize properly. Take for example, Vitamin E. Research shows that Vitamin E - in its natural form - contains a synergistic balance of both Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. However, the common Vitamin E used in most multi-vitamins - contains only one of these compounds - Alpha-Tocopherol.

Why does this matter? Well, you need a balance of both Tocotrienols and Tocopherols to experience the maximum power of Vitamin E! In fact, Vitamin E without Tocotrienols is like a jumping out of a plane with an umbrella! Not recommended! What’s more…

…studies suggest it’s Tocotrienols that may help:

  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels!
  • Support CoQ10 levels!
  • Protect your heart and arteries!
  • Suppress C-Reactive protein - an important inflammation marker!
  • Support healthy levels of dangerous blood fats called triglycerides!
By providing you with only one of the powerful forms of Vitamin E you need - can you see how regular multi-vitamins are simply not getting the job done to protect your health? With Multi-Xtra - you get the right natural nutrients your body needs for healthy performance!

A solid foundation for your health! If you don’t always eat well - you can rest assured you’re getting the important vitamins and minerals your body needs every day! Multi-Xtra is like a little “health insurance” to assist your body dealing with the effects of a nutritionally deficient diet!

Multi-Xtra contains only the finest bio-available ingredients available. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing and quality systems - we control the quality of the nutrients in Multi-Xtra to ensure you’re getting optimum potency and efficacy in every serving! What’s more…

… Multi-Xtra is formulated for men and women - making this an economical and affordable way to enhance the health of every family member!

Please note: If you’re currently taking any of the Total Balance complete nutrient formulas found in the Core Wellness sets - you do NOT need to take Multi-Xtra! To learn more about Core Wellness - click here.

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