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Male Rejuvenator

Degeneration of the prostate is a serious problem for many men once they pass the age of 50. Providing your body with adequate nutrients of the right form that may be missing from your diet gives it a much better chance to avoid becoming diseased as the body ages.

The Objectives of Male Rejuvenator

When our scientists at Xtend-Life developed the first generation of Male Rejuvenator about 10 years ago we had two objectives in mind:

1. To provide the prostate with specialty nutrients to support its health.

2. To provide nutrients that could assist the body in its production of testosterone, which in turn could help increase libido in men to improve sexual performance and satisfaction.

We were already achieving excellent results for those men experiencing night time bathroom urgency from using our Total Balance multivitamin for men. However, many of our male clients felt that they needed a natural boost to their testosterone levels and MAXIMUM support for the overall health of their prostate. Also, they wanted help to increase their libido more quickly.

Male Rejuvenator succeeded in meeting these demands. It can be taken as an adjunct to Total Balance Men’s or as a stand-alone product (If taking Male Rejuvenator by itself, take 6 tablets per day; if combining with Total Balance Men's Premium or Standard, take 3 tablets per day).

Male Rejuvenator provides all the essential nutrients needed for optimal men's health with a natural libido booster.

Benefits of Male Rejuvenator include:

  • Natural support for healthy testosterone levels
  • Support for optimal prostate and urinary health
  • Increased men's libido and satisfaction
  • Improved stamina and sensitivity

Why did we also develop Prostate-Support in addition to Male Rejuvenator?

To avoid confusion let us explain where Prostate-Support product fits in. Prostate-Support is a simple and relatively inexpensive product and focuses on giving additional support to men who have an enlarged prostate with nighttime urgency and want faster results than what they can get from Total Balance Men’s on its own. It can be taken as an adjunct to Men’s Total Balance or as a stand-alone product. It can also be taken as an adjunct to Male Rejuvenator as well.

Unlike Male Rejuvenator, Prostate-Support is not designed to have any significant impact on your testosterone levels or increased libido. Male Rejuvenator, on the other hand, has a number of specialized testosterone and libido boosting nutrients to help provide support such as Epimedium, Damiana and Tribulus Terrestris.

So, if you feel that you could do with a potential boost in libido and your testosterone, and wanted to try something that will also contribute to your overall health and wellbeing it is worth giving this product a try for a couple of months.

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