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Natural Digestive Support

Kiwi-Klenz provides an easy and effective way to help improve your digestive health. Made from 100% natural New Zealand kiwifruit, this convenient supplement is packed with enzymes, soluble fiber and prebiotics to support good gut flora and promote healthy digestive function.

Why you’ll love Kiwi-Klenz:

  • Support your body’s ability to naturally absorb nutrients
  • Promote regular bowel movements and softer stools
  • Reduce gas, bloating, indigestion and IBS symptoms
  • Help your body to naturally remove waste and toxins
  • Boost your immune system and overall health

What is Kiwi-Klenz?

Kiwi-Klenz is an all-natural digestive supplement. It’s made purely of 100% premium green New Zealand kiwifruit, harvested in prime condition.

A powerful pre-biotic with enzymes, Kiwi-Klenz which provides you the goodness of the whole fruit (pulp, seeds and skin) for optimum digestive health support. Kiwifruit skin is loaded with bioactive compounds and its inclusion results in a highly effective extract. Active ingredients are extracted using only pure water – no damaging heat or nasty chemicals are involved – to bring you a completely natural product of maximum potency.

Why do I need it?

Good health starts with good digestion. Even if you follow an optimal diet, our nutrition is only as good as what we actually absorb. To properly utilize the food we eat, we need healthy gut flora and an efficient digestive system.

Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle of processed foods, toxins, stress and pharmaceutical drugs can upset the delicate balance in our gut, leading to poor digestion and compromising our overall health. Taking one easy dose of Kiwi-Klenz every day helps to recalibrate your digestive system, contributing to improved wellbeing, increased energy and a greater zest for life.

How does Kiwi-Klenz work?

A digestive powerhouse, Kiwi-Klenz contains the four most critical components needed for healthy digestion:

  • Prebiotics – to promote the growth of “good” gut bacteria
  • Phenolics – to help suppress the growth of bad bacteria and maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • Enzymes – to break down and digest food, and help unlock beneficial nutrients
  • Soluble fiber – to support healthy bowel function and keep things moving, naturally

With these four components working together you’re on your way to healthier bowels and better digestive health. And with your digestion functioning at its best you’ll tap into a range of added health benefits too: improved skin appearance, more energy, better inflammation management and a stronger immune system.

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