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How Poor Bone Health (Especially As You Age) Can Impact Your Quality Of Life

Over 40 million Americans already have porous, brittle bones – or are at a high risk due to low bone mass.

Bone density diminishes with age – and increases your risk of fractures, hip replacements and even premature death caused by the trauma of a broken hip. Now is the time to take action to support the health and function of your bones.

The sad truth is that breaking a hip, arm or wrist is usually the first clue that your bones are fragile. And with weak, porous bones – even a sneeze or a wrong step – can land you in a hospital or a nursing home later in life.

In fact, did you know that getting "shorter" as you get older, feeling frail and that noticeable "hump" are NOT a normal part of aging – they’re simply signs of bone density loss.

However, just the same as you can strengthen and support your heart, brain and muscles – you can do the same for your bones.

Don't be fooled with the big "Calcium Hoax"

It's true that calcium is important for bone health. That's why it's vital to include calcium-rich foods like spinach, almonds, yogurt and cheese in your diet.

But if you’re taking ordinary calcium supplements – you may be taking the wrong kind of calcium – if so, the result will be that you get little (or no) bone health support.

Here’s why...

Most calcium-based products use synthetic or inorganic forms of calcium found in limestone, oyster shells or groundwater. Your body simply can’t process those types of calcium effectively – and you get very little (if any) benefit for your bones.

You need calcium which comes from natural, organic food sources that can be assimilated by your body and stored properly in your bones. Our Bone-Support formula contains high-quality marine calcium in the form of Aquamin® TG.

Why do we go to such great measures? Because you deserve the best quality calcium!

The Marine Environment

It is important to know that this calcium is sustainably sourced.

This also means that there is no environmental impact during harvesting. Xtend-Life is committed to the protection of the marine environment.

But calcium alone is not the answer... In fact:

“Throwing calcium into a body that has low bone density and expecting it to strengthen bones is like putting flour into a bowl, sticking it in the oven and expecting it to come out as bread.” – Doug DiPasquale, Holistic Nutritionist.

That’s why it is important to supplement with a comprehensive bone formula that contains quality calcium – and much more!

Bone-Support is specially formulated to support:

  • Healthy blood calcium levels...a
  • The body’s ability to maintain and manage bone function...
  • Improved bone strength and overall bone health...
  • The body’s ability to manage cartilage damage...

The bio-active nutrients found in Bone-Support help support and strengthen your skeletal system. These nutrients include vitamin K2, strontium, Mangosteen extract, Vitamin D3 as well as 7 other bone-nourishing nutrients.

Plus: These bio-active ingredients ensure that the body manages healthy calcium absorption directly benefiting the bones. These ingredients have been combined in a synergistic way. In other words – they are designed to all work together to deliver optimal bone health support.

This in turn helps promote:

  • Improved posture...
  • Improved mobility...
  • Improved strength...

Together with a good diet and moderate weight-bearing exercise – Bone-Support is the supplement you need to maintain healthy bones and a well-functioning skeletal system.

Bone-Support may be taken independently. However, for the best possible results – combine Bone-Support with a Core Wellness set! To learn more about Core Wellness.

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